Meet Carlo

Carlo Hollero

Hey, how’s it going? I’m Carlo. Thanks for visiting my blog.

“Clever Hands, your virtual specialist” – yeah, that’s the name I came up with because I can give you a hand to do the heavy lifting for your business.

A virtual specialist that you can count on to strategically manage your social media accounts.

Someone who knows how to manage a WordPress website.

Someone who knows how to interpret and manage a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet plus converting it to a report.

Someone who knows how to craft an impeccable Powerpoint presentation.

Someone who has a Google mindset that you can rely on to execute researching and other administrative tasks.

Someone who you can rely on to analyze a tool that you find useful so we can leverage it for your business.

You might be wondering what led me to this. Let me tell you my story.

My first job was a Coach of Operations and Trainer of new hire classes in the BPO industry. This is where I realized that I’m fond of making our agents’ lives easier by maximizing tools and research so we can focus on other important tasks.

As years passed by, I found myself in Real Estate, working in sales & marketing where I learned the other fundamentals of a business for it to run accordingly. This is where I had the time to learn virtual businesses which led me to this path.

I am your guy!

I am all for partnership and support.

I was wondering, how do you see me contributing to the success of your business?



Carlo Hollero
Clever Hands

My DISC Profile


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